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ASX: Mineski Enters Strategic Partnership with Mogul


ASX Release

19 December 2019

Mineski Enters Strategic Partnership with Mogul

Launching wide range of events in Southeast Asian markets and other initiatives


  • Five-year strategic partnership with Mineski, the largest esports organisation in Southeast Asia
  • Mineski’s operations include the leading cybercafe franchise in Southeast Asia, a live esports event organiser with operations across the region, talent management, and marketing services
  • Mogul to be primary online platform provider for all Southeast Asian Mineski events
  • Mineski to also explore roll out of Mogul’s Platform on Mineski franchised cybercafes throughout the region
  • Partnership to target estimated 200 million video gamers across Southeast Asia
  • In addition to fan subscription revenue, Mineski and Mogul to launch Pay Per Play events and a cybercafe subscription program
  • Mogul to retain 50% of tournament, event, and sponsorship revenue earned

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company), the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament platform, has entered a strategic partnership with Mineski Global (Mineski), the largest esports organisation in Southeast Asia.[1]

Mineski’s operations include Mineski Infinity, the leading cyber cafe franchise in Southeast Asia, Mineski Events, an esports event organiser with full on-ground teams in a number of Southeast Asian markets, and other companies that span marketing services and talent management. Mineski estimates that there are 200 million video gamers all over Southeast Asia across various social channels, professional influencers, esports athletes, live events, marketing programmes and cybercafes targetable – presenting a significant opportunity for the expansion of Mogul’s
subscriber base.

Under the terms of the Strategic Partnership, Mineski will launch a Mogul Branded Hub, and will be the primary esports tournament platform provider for Mineski’s Southeast Asian events, specifically its city-based tournament league. Mineski and Mogul will also explore the  roll out of Mogul’s Platform across all Mineski’s cybercafes throughout Southeast Asia and at future live events managed by Mineski. Mogul and Mineski will also launch Pay Per Play events for Southeast Asian gamers.

Mogul and Mineski will collaborate on the development of additional revenue streams including subscription packages which Mineski will market to cybercafes and other organisations within the Southeast Asian region looking for engagement and promotional programs through esports.

Mogul will retain 50% of all tournament, event, and sponsorship revenue generated through the partnership. The term of the strategic partnership is five years, with a two year minimum period, followed by three additional annual roll-over periods.

Chief Executive Officer of Mineski Global, Ronald Robins, commented:

“We’re very excited to enter this strategic partnership with Mogul where we will now launch a Branded Hub, offer online tournaments and events across the Southeast Asian region, as well as roll out Mogul’s platform at our gaming cafes. Mogul offers Mineski an exciting way to engage with our existing fans and audience, as well as develop new ways of increasing that audience on a global scale – particularly with novel initiatives such as group subscriptions enabled by Mogul’s platform.”

Managing Director of Mogul, Gernot Abl, commented:

“Partnering with Mineski brings Mogul to the largest esports organisation in Southeast Asia, covering live and online events, online tournament series, cybercafes, as well as marketing and promotions programmes in the region. Mogul and Mineski will work closely over the coming months in advance of the launch of Mineski’s Branded Hub and commencement of our joint marketing activities.”

Mineski and Mogul are collaborating on several customisations and integrations requested by Mineski on the Mogul Platform which are currently in development. Mineski expects to launch its Branded Hub and commence joint marketing activities by Q2 2020.

[1] About Mineski (2019) <>

About Esports Mogul

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company) is an ASX listed esports media and software business.

Mogul owns and operates the tournament platform – the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament and matchmaking platform with automation for major esports titles, including in platform chat and streaming functionality.

Mogul’s platform attracts esports teams, tournament organisers, influencers, community groups, game publishers, and players of any skill level with a centralised esports offering built on an industry leading tournament and matchmaking platform.

  • Gamers join the community to compete for glory, cash and prizes in all the major esports game titles – cross-platform and title agnostic
  • Game publishers are able to reduce the cost of grassroots esports activations, supporting their game titles through Branded Hubs
  • Esports teams get better fan engagement and active participation while building new revenue streams through team memberships, branded tournaments, and fan subscriptions
  • Tournament organisers, influencers, and community groups can run their own online events – improving player experience, monetising their audience, reducing operating costs, and saving time in event administration and management

About Mineski

Mineski Global is the largest esports organiser in Southeast Asia committed to improving the quality of esports. It is considered as one of the pioneers in the region, with a long track record of having organised top-notch events in Southeast Asia and beyond. From cybercafes and events, Mineski has expanded into other areas of esports and games including talent management, development of educational programs, merchandising and marketing services. Mineski currently employs over 200 people across Southeast Asia. Mineski looks to lead the charge towards elevating the industry from all possible angles, be it through competitions, infrastructure, or fan support.

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