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ASX: Mogul Expands Southeast Asian Market Reach


ASX Release

28 November 2019

Mogul Expands Southeast Asian Market Reach

Mogul signs new partners in one of the fastest growing video games markets in the world


  • Mogul signs Channel8Games and NEX Studio as Branded Hub partners with paid fan subscription offering
  • Further expansion within one of the fastest growing video games markets in the world – currently a US$4.6 billion market
  • Partners Tier One and EmiEmiTV in Southeast Asia launch Branded Hubs
  • Tier One is a Southeast Asian influencer talent agency with a combined fan audience of over 10 million
  • EmiEmiTV is one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent League of Legends influencers

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company), the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament platform, is pleased to announce further expansion into the Southeast Asian region with a number of new partners signed and additional Branded Hubs launched.

The Southeast Asian esports market is one of the fastest growing video games markets in the world, estimated to generate US$4.6 billion in 2019 – an increase of 22% year-on-year[1]. Mogul’s continued growth of partnerships with organisers and influencers in the Southeast Asian market represents large recurring revenue potential from Mogul’s Branded Hub technology and paid subscriptions.

Mogul’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Warburton, commented:

“Mogul is pleased to continue to onboard Southeast Asian partners as we extend our penetration into one of the fastest growing video games regions globally. Our new partnerships with esports organisers Channel8Games and NEX Studio are a great way for these partners to utilise our Branded Hubs technology, activate paid subscription tournaments, help them engage with their communities and create new shared revenue streams. We look forward to working with these partners and their fans.”


Channel8Games is an esports influencer management agency based in the Philippines with four main influencer talents. Under the partnership, the influencers will utilise Mogul’s Branded Hub technology to host paid online tournaments for their communities, as well as activate live LAN ticketed tournaments and events in the Philippines for game titles Hearthstone, Auto Chess, PUBG and APEX Legends. A paid monthly subscription feature is set to be launched, offering fans priority access into premium tournaments, exclusive merchandise and raffles.

Channel8Games’ Managers, Phoebe Dizon and Francisco Cheng, are thrilled to partner with Mogul to expand their tournament offering for their talent and fans alike.

“Partnering with Mogul will allow Channel8Games to offer our talents a new way to engage with their fans and help us to run LAN tournaments, while extending our offering to launch the first ever Channel8Games membership. We look forward to working alongside Mogul to continue to build our presence in the esports scene,” commented Phoebe Dizon. 

NEX Studio

NEX Studio (NEX) is an esports community organiser in Thailand supporting grassroots and amateur players with a combined esports online and offline fan base of 0.3 million. NEX will offer a range of online esports tournaments to their community for popular game titles including Dota 2, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang through their Branded Hub on Mogul.

NEX will also offer a paid subscription to their community, including exclusive raffles and merchandise for a monthly fee of which Mogul will retain 60% of the revenue.

NEX’s tournaments and subscriptions will utilise Mogul’s language localisation feature as a high portion of NEX players only speak Thai. This functionality makes Mogul attractive to NEX as a partner, and thus NEX tournaments more accessible to target players.

NEX Studio’s Chief Executive Officer, Sakkaphol Sawarkkaphun, commented:

“We’re very excited to launch our partnership with Mogul in Thailand. Mogul’s language localisation feature means we can communicate and play with our community in our local language, making it easier for our fans to engage with our tournaments and membership.”

Current Southeast Asian Partners

Mogul’s current Southeast Asia partners, Tier One and EmiEmiTV, have launched their Branded Hubs and will release their various tournament series and fan subscriptions in the coming week.

Tier One is a Southeast Asian influencer talent agency with a combined fan audience of over 10 million and a stable of 200+ gaming streamers and influencers generating 62 million+ views on YouTube and Facebook. Mogul is now the exclusive platform provider for all Tier One influencer and streamer online tournaments which are integrated in a Branded Hub. Their first tournament, The ONE Tournament, will begin this week for the game title Dota 2 alongside their monthly subscription where for a monthly fee, users will receive additional prizing, early access to tournaments, exclusive raffles and invitations to Tier One events. Mogul will retain 60% revenue from monthly subscriptions. 

Tier One’s Executive Officer, Irymarc (Tryke) Gutierrez, commented:

“Launching our Branded Hub and tournaments on Mogul is a very exciting step for Tier One. This is just the beginning of our pro gaming talent discovery program and will allow our streamers to interact with their fans and communities in new and exciting ways.” 

EmiEmiTV is one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent League of Legends influencers. After successfully growing her brand alongside Mogul as a solo tournament organiser, she is now Mogul’s first solo influencer partner. EmiEmi’s first tournament under her Branded Hub will begin this week for dedicated fans in the Philippines.

Emi White, owner of EmiEmiTV, commented:

“Partnering with Mogul is a great way for me as a solo influencer to increase my offering and connect with fans on a greater level. Using Mogul’s Branded Hub now allows me to host my own tournaments and paid memberships which has been received extremely well by my community.”

Mogul’s Managing Director, Gernot Abl, commented:

“We are pleased to see continued success with partners in the Southeast Asian market and we will continue to build valuable relationships and partner with esports influencers, organisers, teams and game publishers to expand into this critical global market.”

[1] Newzoo, Navigating the World’s Fastest-Growing Games Market: Insights into Southeast Asia, (2019)

About Esports Mogul (ASX:ESH)

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company) is an ASX listed esports media and software business.

Mogul owns and operates the tournament platform – the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament and matchmaking platform with automation for major esports titles, including in platform chat and streaming functionality.

Mogul’s platform attracts esports teams, tournament organisers, influencers, community groups, game publishers, and players of any skill level with a centralised esports offering built on an industry leading tournament and matchmaking platform.

  • Gamers join the community to compete for glory, cash and prizes in all the major esports game titles – cross-platform and title agnostic
  • Game publishers are able to reduce the cost of grassroots esports activations, supporting their game titles through Branded Hubs
  • Esports teams get better fan engagement and active participation while building new revenue streams through team memberships, branded tournaments, and fan subscriptions
  • Tournament organisers, influencers, and community groups can run their own online events – improving player experience, monetising their audience, reducing operating costs, and saving time in event administration and management

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