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ASX: Team Secret Launches Branded Hub & Tournament Series


ASX Release

16 January 2020

Team Secret Launches Branded Hub & Tournament Series

Paid subscriptions & Secret Stars series launches tonight


  • Team Secret’s Branded Hub launches tonight –
  • Team Secret is a top-ranked global esports team with a social media following of over 2 million
  • Team Secret to offer two tiers of paid subscriptions – ‘Triple Pass’ tier including access into three ticketed tournaments per month and the ‘All Stars’ tier offering priority access to unlimited tournaments, exclusive raffles and a dedicated Discord channel
  • New tournament series hosted by Mogul, ‘Secret Stars’ launching in parallel
  • ‘Secret Stars’ to be a tournament series and subscription offering across multiple game titles for participants in Europe and Southeast Asia including ticketed and free-to-play matches
  • Mogul to retain 60% of revenue from paid subscription offerings

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company), the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament platform, is pleased to advise that Team Secret is set to launch their Branded Hub on Mogul this evening which includes two tiers of exclusive paid subscriptions as part of their new tournament series, Secret Stars.

Team Secret are one of the top-ranked esports teams in the world, both in terms of titles and world rankings[1], as well as in terms of prize winnings[2]. Team Secret compete across a number of popular esports game titles including Dota 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile).

The launch of Team Secret’s Branded Hub on Mogul will allow Team Secret to attract its over 2 million fans[3] to Mogul’s platform offering competitive tournaments, ability to join a fan based community, access to exclusive tournaments and prizes from Team Secret.

The Team Secret tournament series, Secret Stars, will be hosted via their Branded Hub and will run over 12 months. The Secret Stars series will be open to gamers in Europe and Southeast Asia, who can compete in Dota 2, CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, and PUBG Mobile tournaments. Secret Stars also offers two paid monthly subscription tiers or a free membership option.

Paying subscribers can purchase the first tier, ‘Triple Pass’, for US$4.50, which allows users to enter three ticketed tournaments in a 30 day period, as well as access a custom chat badge. The second subscription tier called ‘All Stars’ is US$5 per month where players will receive priority access to premium unlimited ticketed tournaments, a dedicated Secret Stars Discord channel, a custom chat badge and exclusive raffles such as money can’t buy experiences with Team Secret’s professional players from relevant teams. Mogul will retain 60% of the revenue from the subscription offerings on Team Secret’s Branded Hub.

Team Secret’s Chief Executive Officer, John Yao, commented:

“Team Secret is excited to be launching both our Branded Hub and the Secret Stars tournament series. Not only will we be able to better engage with our fans across the globe on a deeper level, but this is also a great opportunity to kickstart a new revenue stream for Team Secret as a company.

“We have put a lot of thought into developing a tournament and subscription model that will be engaging and meaningful for all levels of our fans – we really believe there is something for everyone in this exciting tournament series.”

Mogul’s Managing Director, Gernot Abl, commented:

“Launching the Team Secret Branded Hub, along with this new paid subscription offering, and an exclusive Mogul hosted tournament series is a great milestone for Mogul. Working closely with one of the most successful esports teams in the world, we have been able to offer Team Secret a way to engage with their massive fan base and further grow their brand value”.

Paid subscriptions and pre-registrations for the Secret Stars tournament series will open on at 11pm this evening (AEDT).

[1] The Loadout, The Best Esports Teams of 2019, <>; ESL, DOTA 2 World Rankings <>.

[2] Esports Observer, Top 10 Esports of 2019 by Total Prize Winnings, <>.

[3] Esports Charts, Team Secret, <>.

About Team Secret –

Team SecretTM is a global esports brand that strives to bring together the best players, to compete on the world’s biggest stages, and put forth the most entertaining experience for their fans.

They are passionately committed to building the esports community, and rely on a simple but winning philosophy – focus on cultivating the positive culture that is critical to success in team based esports. The Team Secret organisation drives forward this philosophy by providing advertising and promotional sponsorship, talent and team development, business management, coaching, and support to players both professional and aspiring, who compete in esports.

About Mogul

Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) (Mogul or the Company) is an ASX listed esports media and software business.

Mogul owns and operates the tournament platform – the world’s most advanced pure-play online esports tournament and matchmaking platform with automation for major esports titles, including in platform chat and streaming functionality.

  • Mogul’s platform attracts esports teams, tournament organisers, influencers, community groups, game publishers, and players of any skill level with a centralised esports offering built on an industry leading tournament and matchmaking platform.
  • Gamers join the community to compete for glory, cash and prizes in all the major esports game titles – cross-platform and title agnostic
  • Game publishers are able to reduce the cost of grassroots esports activations, supporting their game titles through Branded Hubs
  • Esports teams get better fan engagement and active participation while building new revenue streams through team memberships, branded tournaments, and fan subscriptions
  • Tournament organisers, influencers, and community groups can run their own online events – improving player experience, monetising their audience, reducing operating costs, and saving time in event administration and management

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